Best Operational Bases Of PC For Create Smart Working



Unlike Acer’s Aspire C 27 plan, this one goes further. The headline version C27-962 is the only one now available among the several variants that have been offered. An all-in-one PC with just an above-average 27″ monitor was lost in the evaluation and differentiated by the hardware design. Even though it is always constructed with an all-around Intel Core i5 CPU, almost a standard. In addition to the 8 GB of RAM that comes standard on the device.

With a specialized graphics card, such as an Nvidia GeForce MX, you begin to see the difference. Gaming and video-editing applications are likely to benefit from stable and unshared RAM, as well as a solid-state drive that has 512 GB of storage space. Even though it’s on the front, the colors utilized here tend to be a light gray.

Because of its small size, the frame is rather noticeable. The camera and built-in speakers are just as neatly concealed as the rest of the device. The increased screen size and specific graphics card contribute to the price increase of 1,279 euros, which is mostly due to the higher price. It’s important to note that the screen isn’t being touched at all.

Mediacom On PC

On the other end of the spectrum, Mediacom’s 241/64 looks to be a 23.6-inch all-in-one PC that isn’t all that unique from the others, especially with a price of roughly 300 EUR that can be found online. A striking discrepancy that is definitely out of proportion. Because, in reality, there are no shortages of concessions to be made. However, if the major goal is smart working and activities such as online gaming are not included in the budget, the plan turns out to be fascinating.

Non-touchscreen models are just as straightforward to forecast. The Intel Celeron N3350 CPU, which has a maximum speed of 1.1 GHz, also helps with the savings. Memory is another sensitive area. Only the 64 GB flash memory restriction and the 4 GB of RAM make this phone a less desirable option than the competition. With a MicroSD slot, it was possible to accurately measure the performance. A 2.5″ hard drive can, however, be installed in the available slot.

Classic-inspired, black lines complement the decision to place all hardware in a lower portion of the screen and leave the upper portion entirely for the display. One embedded speaker and all the connectors may be found here. However, a camera is not included with the subscription.


MSI’s contribution is never lacking when something is out of the ordinary in terms of setup, performance, or design. There is a timely response, even when it comes to PC all-in-ones. The 015EU model stands out for its 23.8-inch diagonal non-touchscreen and several PRO 24X 10M versions. Shapes that aren’t immediately obvious at first look. Since the screen size limits how much space may be used, it’s best to keep all of the hardware towards or near the bottom. An additional benefit is that it makes the top more streamlined, making it easier to steer.

However, there are variances even in the setup. Although the processor is usually an Intel Core i7, it is above average in terms of performance. In addition, 16 GB of RAM has been allocated. In the same way, the 512GB SSD is being referred to. Instead, it’s standard to use the inbuilt graphics.

In addition, a slot for a second standard hard drive may be inserted through a specialized door accessible without dismantling the chassis, thus increasing the available RAM. If you’re looking for something that’s not going to put a dent in your computer’s performance, a 2.5″ hard drive is the best option.

The existence of a twin ethernet port in the rear completes the range of connections on the side. A pair of 2.5 W loudspeakers is also included as part of the basic package. A tiny additional expense is required to cover the absence of a camera.

Even if compactness and practicality aren’t top priorities, the official dealer’s suggested retail price of between 840 and 890 euros nevertheless reflects the vehicle’s particular configuration. However, the suggested design must be checked thoroughly, especially for the real presence of an SSD hard drive, which is not always following online indicators.