Birth Control Options

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Birth Control Effects

Birth control pills are among the most popular hormonal birth control options in the US. A survey from 2013 estimates that at least 27% of women who use some sort of birth control choose oral hormonal contraceptives. Partially, this is due to the current prescription policies of our doctors who tend to recommend hormonal birth control options to girls and women as a form of hormonal therapy, in addition to the contraceptve effects themselves. The reason for that is that the Pill does have a record of improving women's lifestyles in a number of ways, in addition to preventing pregnancy.

Some of these non-contraceptive benefits include:

Lower Risk of Cancer

Multiple studies show that having your hormonal levels under control plays a very significant role in managing the risks associated with ovarian and endometrial cancer, and oral contraceptives can actively contribute to reducing that risk.

Less Pain and Discomfort During Periods

Lighter pain, less cramping, lighter bleeding, and a more or less stable mood - all of these perks are an essential effect of hormonal contraceptives, and are a major sign of hormonal equilibrium.

Predictable Periods

Once you are well on your way with your oral contraception regimen, you can expect your periods to get organized into neet 28-day blocks, making them easier to track and manage.

Clear Facial Skin and Help with Acne

Due to their hormonal nature, oral contraceptives can often help shut down some of the unpleasant effects of male hormones that could blemish your otherwise gorgeous face. Yes, you read it right - every woman, including you, has a small amount of testosterone, a male sex hormone, in your system. It helps regulate a few things, but a drop too much and you have an oily face and an extra zit or two every now and then. By balancing out those excess hormones, birth control pills can bring your face back to its original clear, brisk yet shining demeanor.

Thin out Facial and Body Hair

Other than getting your skin all greased up, excess testosterone in a woman's body can cause excess hair growth, increasing hair density and pigmentation (black hairs instead of transparent-white). Hormonal contraceptives straddle up those raging boy-mones and get them under control, allowing you to display a luscious mane only on top of that beautiful head of yours.

Can Increase Breast Size

Although this effect is not very common, at least one out of eight women taking hormonal birth control pills reported a rather significant increase in the size of their bosom. Some women state that even after they have discontinued the treatment, they observed a noticeable increase in breast size over the next few months. This effect is not guaranteed, but is a good potential bonus.

Important Notice on Hormonal Birth Control

All of the stuff written in the section above is true - oral hormonal contraceptives can and probably will make you better. But, know that they can also make you worse just as well. It all boils down to whether you have a hormonal imbalance or not. If you do, the contraceptives can make it better, and in addition to providing their intended birth control effects, they will improve your well being over numerous aspects of life as a woman. If your hormones are more or less in balance however, the pill may push them away from that ideal equilibrium, causing a number of side effects that you could normally avoid if you used other forms of contraception (i.e. non-hormonal, such as condoms).

The only way to make sure if a particular contraceptive will or will not get you any nasty side effects or will make you feel better instead is to try them out. No doctor will give you any guarantees as to the extent of effects an oral contraceptive could provide. Performing a blood test for hormone levels can make it easier to determine which medications you can try first, but in most cases your best bet will lie with combination hormonal contraceptives, such as Ortho Tri-Cyclen and Triquilar.

You can read more about both of these birth control pills on their corresponding pages. Have the best day, and stay healthy!

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