Asthma Inhalers

Need help picking out the best asthma medication to help with your symptoms? This guide will help you choose asthma inhalers that will work best in your case.

What is Asthma

Asthma is chronic respiratory disease that is believed to be closely tied to allergies and is described as an inflammatory condition affecting the lungs and bronchi - airway tubes that allow air to circulate in and out of the lungs. While a definite cure for asthma has not been found yet, many types of asthma treatment have been established to efficiently manage the symptoms of this condition. A carefully constructed asthma action plan can efficiently relieve even the most severe of symptoms of asthma, all while reducing their frequency, overall intensity, and the risk of asthma attacks and bronchospasms. Almost any type of asthma treatment plan will include the use of asthma inhalers.

Inhalers for Asthma

Asthma inhalers are specifically designed portable devises that can be used to administer an inhaled form of medication to apply directly onto the the sensitive areas affected by asthma. Many inhalers contain a pressurized form of spray to assist in delivering the medication, while others require the user to breathe in a fine powder containing the active ingredients.

Asthma inhaler medications can be generally divided into two categories:

Asthma Inhalers for Symptom Relief

Fast-acting inhalers designed for short term relief of symptoms of asthma are the most common type of treatment for this respiratory condition. Relief-type asthma inhalers deliver short term beneficial effects ranging from bronchodilation (opening of airways that transport air into the lungs) to temporary suppression of inflammation in the bronchi. These effects are active for only a limited time, and usually fully dissipate in about 6 hours. During this time however, the risk associated with asthma attacks and adverse symptoms is greatly reduced - rescue inhalers for asthma start working immediately upon use, and are potent enough to suppress even the most troubling symptoms. Albuterol is one of the most commonly prescribed medications in this group.

Controller Asthma Medications

These inhalers and oral drugs can help reduce the overall quantity and severity of asthma symptoms, gradually making it easier to manage this nasty disorder. Controller medications do not work fast and will only deliver their effects over extended periods of time - it may take several weeks after you start taking these medications to notice any considerable effect. These drugs are usually prescribed when the symptoms of asthma are severe, and reliever type asthma inhalers alone cannot handle the job. The greatest advantage of these drugs is that using them will allow you to stop worrying about constantly avoiding the dangerous substances, areas or activities that might trigger an asthma attack, and let you get on with your normal life. Corticosteroids are usually the main component used in this category, and they are often combined with other asthma medications for greater efficiency. Advair diskus is a great example of such medication.

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